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Was it deliberate?

I lean towards an accidental lab-exit. Using the same lab-origin reasoning whereby - a super-contagious coronavirus emerges right-next-door to a lab engineering super-contagious coronaviruses - if i was going to deliberately release it, i wouldn’t do it right-next-door to the same lab that engineered it.

I’d do it in Hong Kong.  Or New York.  Or Xinjiang.  Anywhere but Wuhan. 

Not to say it wasn’t being groomed as a weapon. All top-security biodefense/weapons labs are dual purpose.   

Here are some nagging points why it may have been deliberate. Many overlap with the cover-up motives.

Anthrax:  The best indicator of future behaviour is past behaviour. The Mueller led FBI-investigation/cover-up job dragged out for 7-years.  Was then quietly announced that Bruce Ivins, a Fort Detrick scientist/FBI expert adviser, who won a medal from the pentagon for his services to solving the case, did it.   Coz he wanted to promote anthrax vaccines - and more money for science.  Victims believe others were involved.  If top-scientists deliberately released pathogens then for personal gain - why not this time?  Instead of a corrupted science culture being investigated over this red-flag, it was empowered.  The culture festered on to become the all-powerful beast it is today. 

Revenge/Trump: The United Front Work Department/One-everything network would have felt threatened by the pivot-away from China under the Trump administration, which in turn, rose to power on the back of a growing anti-globalization movement - inspired by Clinton’s charisma-less globalization agenda.

Trump was an egotist who wrong-footed a long line of opponents through the simple tactic of upsetting the apple-cart.

Actions attract attention/reactions. Create their own swirling universe. The media became obsessed with the guy - totally the wrong tactic. On one side Fox was warily praising him - on the other - even more time was devoted to attacking him. Either way he had everyone focused on him - they fell into his black-hole - exactly as he wanted. (note: both sides sold a lot of papers)

By reacting, rather than thinking originally, the neo-lib/United Front influencers backed themselves into irrational and indefensible positions based on: He said this - i’m going to take the opposite position! - forget about whether it’s right or wrong.

Trapped inside that funk, burning with hatred, did the release of a bio-weapon offer a way to fight back? It did work, if that was the goal. Your arch enemy - cruising towards a second term - removed from office - due to Covid.

Thucydides Trap: The CCP may have decided war was inevitable (Thucydides Trap). It could well be - though i'm more inclined to think the last thing the One-Everything MOU's want is a WW3 between superpowers - they're more into uniting for War on the Individual.  Still, the depth of righteous injustice that many Chinese feel with regard to their historical mistreatment by the West and Japan should not be underestimated.

The bully forgets quicker than the bullied. 

China was the victim of bio-weapons during WW2 at the hands of the Japanese. Most Chinese also believe the US employed bio-warfare (p24) during the Korean War. If you have determined war is inevitable, then this, potentially, provides justification for getting on the front foot by releasing Covid - whilst adhering to Sun Tzu’s invisible war play book.

Hong Kong: Pre-Covid, the HK protest was at its zenith. Beijing was faced with the prospect of compromise (actually, just stick to the One-country Two-systems deal) - or another Tiananmen Square.  Covid succeeded in crushing the protest without a shot being fired. The Art of War is not merely some pop-Sino buzz-phrase - it’s a core, long-march tactic - also embodied by the United Front Work Department's surround-the-city-with-the-country influence.

Surveillance/War on Freedom: The Great Leap Forward into the Brave New World of totalitarianism - wasn’t started by Covid - but it did supply a tremendous booster

Most importantly - it provided 


If you wanted a magic formula to take you over the top, Covid was the real thing.

The beauty of Covid is that the CCP’s totalitarian system of government can be demonstrated as the best way to counter it - lockdowns, surveillance, erosion of all freedoms, vaccine dependence on the state, total centralization.

As Farrar/Koopmans/Nature noted: It will be a challenge to persuade countries to invest in a new surveillance system, for example, before its general effectiveness has been demonstrated at a country level.

The worldwide rise of the CCP system of government as the primary model for tackling Covid, led CCP-scholar, Li Yi, to brag: We're pushing America out of existence

That leaves: 


The Military Games: Haven’t researched this, but Daily Mail journalists raised it. Most likely provides evidence of the virus (and the cover-up) emerging earlier than reported, but if you wanted a global-seeding event for a new bio-weapon, then the Wuhan Military Games, held in Oct 2019, fits the bill. May tempt you to release it in Wuhan - especially if it was a rogue action by an activist scientist. Reports have emerged of athletes having

 COVID-like symptoms and describ(ing) the city as a 'ghost town'

 - over a month before Covid emerged.

Weird Advice: This is the one i can’t shake. The Feb 1-2 teleconferences launched some bizarre advice - with devastating consequences. Now known as the Seven Deadly Things, the participants:

  • downplayed the severity
  • said there’s no evidence of human-to-human transmission
  • advised against masks 
  • advised against closing borders with China
  • introduced a dud-test
  • praised the CCP to high heaven
  • vilified those asking questions

Now this could be explained by the pivot - whereby they knew it was a lab-leak but determined that the spread of Covid could be made to work in their favour - but - it also supports a deliberate release. (Hard to think of other reasons - only stupidity left.)  If you’ve gone to the trouble of engineering and releasing a virus, you’re gonna wanna make sure that shit takes hold.

Eco-evangelism: Most/(All?) our protagonists are eco-evangelists, best exemplified by Daszak and his Eco(evangelist)Health Alliance. Shi Zhengli also famously said “(t)he novel 2019 coronavirus is nature punishing the human race for keeping uncivilised living habits.”

Lipkin Feb 10, 2020: The latest data suggest that an endangered mammal, the pangolin, may be the source of the new coronavirus. My colleagues and I have been working to shut down wildlife markets for decades. Perhaps the silver lining in this outbreak is that we finally get the traction needed to achieve this goal. 

Did they decide the best way to bring the world to its senses was through the release of Covid? Those core characters, Daszak, Baric, Shi, Lipkin - throw in co-collaborator Wang Lin-fa (Aus) (he doesn’t get the same attention as Bat Lady and Batman - but he deserves it - he’s in the thick of everything) - he single-handedly invented the bat virus industry) - they are all (or profess to be whilst flying around the world for conferences & virus hunting expeditions):

      eco-idealist zealots 

If you've convinced yourself that the world is hurtling towards self-destruction with climate change (which it may well be),  then you might plausibly reason that the release of a moderately deadly virus is the best way to save the world (with added bonus of being a financial windfall for us!)

As a closed society Bat Pack, they definitely had the capability. For a motivated cohort it would be quite easy to orchestrate a lab-exit of a GoFFed-up

If it was an eco-activist pre-emptive strike, on some levels it has worked . There was a crackdown on wet markets/wildlife trade for a short time, while plane/car travel has plummeted.

But consumption hasn’t. It’s going gangbusters.

As for the (erroneous) Covid link to deforestation pedalled by the above …? Not so successful with that goal. The demand for building materials has gone through the roof - due to Funny Monetary Theory - due to Covid.

Overpopulation: If you're a big-picture thinker, you might see the thinning of the herd as a good thing - reducing pressure on dwindling resources. Covid is almost purpose-built for this - scything down the frail - virtually harmless to most others. With great power comes the burden of making the hard decisions - for the common good.


Vaccines: As with Anthrax, where vaccine promotion was the core motivation, the big winners with Covid are those involved in the vaccine industry. Bruce Ivins had two patents for an anthrax vaccine additive - after the release, Coley Pharmaceuticals was awarded $12 mil to develop the additives. In 2007, Coley was acquired by Pfizer Corp. Similarly, Emergent Bio-solutions was another big winner with Anthrax - securing the contract to manufacture anthrax vaccines for Gulf War soldiers - popping up again with AZ during Covid. These are powerful unscrupulous entities that stand to gain immense power/money from a pandemic.  They know it worked great last time - how about a super boost.

(Edit Feb 24, 2022: Eagle-eyed researchers have noted that a sequence Moderna had patented in 2016 pops up in Covid in 2019! Where it performs a crucial function in the furin cleavage site - without which none of this would have been possible.)

As Fauci said when pleading for Cheney's Bioshield brainchild before congress:

The events of September 11, and the subsequent anthrax attacks have changed, forever, how the biomedical community responds to emerging threats.  The accelerated development of effective countermeasures against terrorism requires a new research paradigm. 

We are now on a wartime footing and are compelled to modify the way we do business.  Biotech firms are our industrial partners - they are essential to countermeasure development. But they want some assurances if they are successful that there'll be a market for their product.

Did they get that assurance?  Was a market created to catapult the vaccine industry into a position of world dominance? Remember, without an outbreak, they're irrelevant. And it's been done before with devastating success - with Anthrax.  In any investigation you must look at past history. When you do, that tells you that the vaccine industry is an entity-of-interest.


Either way EcoHealth/WIV are at the core of the Covid Atrocity - but i still favour the accidental-exit - old-fashioned human error - though it would be naive to think Covid wasn't created as an offensive weapon. Some of the above can be explained by turning a negative into a positive as previously outlined - some of it can't.  As with everything in this book, there are people who know the exact answer - but have inexplicably not been interrogated in anything remotely resembling a rigorous investigation.  We know they've lied through their teeth - they're fair game.  Hook 'em up to the lie detectors, hammer them with hard questions, offer immunity to whoever comes clean first - we could solve this mystery in no time.

The fact that there's a refusal to do that shows that the people who's job it is to discover the truth - don't want us to know the truth.