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BBC: America's anthrax attack last autumn was second only to that on the Twin Towers in the degree of shock and anxiety it caused...Some even say the anthrax letters triggered sub-clinical hysteria in the American people... yet this, the first major act of bio...

The Covid Atrocity

Jeremy Farrar was a 'massively driven' genomics visionary - with everything to lose. News of a GoF-spillover event from a Sino/West collaboration at WIV was a PR catastrophe for bio-globalism. In a crisis, did Sir Jeremy arise to orchestrate The Cover-up? To...

wellcome trust
proximal origin
genomic surveillance
one health
jeremy farrar

Covid Timeline - Towards Patient-Zero

Setting down a time-line is a not-fancy exercise. But it's funny how often it clarifies events . You see what aligns - what doesn't. It is lifted from the Covid Atrocity - which is about the One-Health string-pullers - not Patient-Zero. But working on the ...

Anthrax Rap

The biggest players in the Anthrax terrorist attack aftermath were Cheney, Fauci, Franz, and Mueller. The quotes (apart from Cheney's) are real.

The Refuser

Tales of The Lottery in The Brave New World of 2084.

Lin-Fa Wang: The Dark Knight

Chinese-Australian Wang (CSIRO, Duke) is arguably the Greatest Covid Conspirator you've never heard of. Published Tues, Feb 8, 2022

Wuhan Institute of Virology
Consortium of Conservation Medicine
EcoHealth Alliance
Linfa Wang

The Jan 2020 WIV Conference

(under construction) An artistic guess at what went down at the Jan 11-14 WIV Annual Retreat.

Go Faster


meaning of existence

My Life as a Robot


Dominic E. Dwyer: WHO Investigator

A case study of a typical WHO Investigator reveals a sordid trail of lies & CCP allegiance.

WHO Covid Investigation
Uyghur organ harvesting
Dominic E. Dwyer

Proximal Origin

Beat this Date! May 18, 2020. A WORLD-FIRST drill-down analysis of the Proximal Origin of SARS-nCoV-2 paper at the heart of the greatest academic fraud of all time.

W. Ian Lipkin & Wikipedia's War on Truth

(unfinished) How Wikipedia fought the frontline data war to suppress the truth about Ian Lipkin. This was a dark period - you present referenced info to shine a light on the truth ... which triggers a wave of Matrix-like mechanical octopus attacks that seek...

Master of the Universe

(under construction) An interview with an MOU

thought control
data control
Master of the Universe

1 = 0


dulan drift


poem - imperfection

the real real
lucy weir
bondi icebergs
dulan drift

Missionaries of the Sacred Heart

An exploration of the Catholic Church's frontier interaction with Australia's Original inhabitants

MSC Australia
Bishop john o'loughlin
Father Tony Caruana
Malcolm Fyfe
Time Travel
Culture Australia
The Blessed Virgin
Northern Territory Aboriginals
Aboriginal child-abuse
Missionaries Sacred Heart
Aboriginal Aborigines Australia
First Nations Australia

Capital 'I'

How to change the world ...

Capital I
dulan drift


DIY podcast poem

dulan drift

Child Application

riff/cross-pollination on Dan's Refuser - set somewhere between now & then Photo: Getty

Child Application
dulan drift

Zoe Buhler

Found Poem - transcript of the arrest of Zoe Buhler for 'Incitement' under Dan Andrews's Covid police-state

dulan drift
covid police-state
dan andrews
zoe buhler

Bob Stevens


Ch 1: One Health

The Covid Atrocity

Ch 2: Genomic Surveillance

The Covid Atrocity

Jeremy Farrar's/Wellcome's/ BGI Genomics's (China) role in the Genomics Revolution - brought to you by One Health.


Covid Timeline - Towards Patient-Zero

Ch 3 - Proximal Origin

The Covid Atrocity

In the story of the Covid Atrocity, there are two documents that fooled the world (with help from their friends): Proximal Origin of SARS-CoV-2 & The Lancet Statement

Ch 5: Feb 1 Teleconference

The Covid Atrocity

Heavily redacted FOI emails from Fauci still reveal tantalizing details of how the cover-up went down - who the actors were for a start. Luckily, deduction also allows you to conclude 'no evidence' - is evidence.

Ch 6: Sir Jeremy Farrar

The Covid Atrocity

A deep-dive into the man who changed-the-world

Farrar - The Early Years

The Covid Atrocity

The forces that shaped the man who shaped the world


The Covid Atrocity

The true horror of Covid is that the publicly funded academic institutions that we were relying on to tell the truth, played leadership roles in spreading lies.

Sir Jeremy the Reckless

The Covid Atrocity

Farrar embraces the mantle as a visionary risk-taker - but is that what the world wants from our leaders at the helm? What risks are you taking on our behalf exactly? With whom?

Science as Religion

The Covid Atrocity

Scientists have long sneered at religion as something the ignorant masses believe in - but the science community exhibits so many of the worst excesses of a religious organization in the name of THE Science, it's scary.

Wellcome Trust

The Covid Atrocity

Is Wellcome Trust a private security organization shaping the world in their own image?

Secret stuff

The Covid Atrocity

A closer look at the secret world of bio-security

The Scio-security Players

The Covid Atrocity

We know our scientists are mixed up in security operations - but whose side are they on exactly?

Ch 4: The Lancet Statement

The Covid Atrocity

The old one-two: Nature's Prox was THE science - Lancet THE scientists endorsing it. Case closed.

Why Dunnit?

The Covid Atrocity

A round-up of motives

Deliberate release?

The Covid Atrocity

Let's not rule it out until we have all the info.

Crime and Punishment

The Covid Atrocity

How to deal with the perps


The Covid Atrocity

What does a Wellcome funding vehicle focused on Vietnam have to do with the Ebola outbreak of 2013-14 on the border of Guinea and Sierra Leone? Quite a lot. For a start it provides a blueprint for the Covid cover-up

ebola outbreak 2013-14
wellcome trust
Robert Garry
Kristian Andersen
jeremy farrar
bats in a hollow tree
Sierra Leone
Kenema Government Hospital


The Covid Atrocity


Anthrax Bob Stevens

  Atlanta Journal-Constitution: The morning of Oct. 2 (Tuesday, 2.15am, 2001), anthrax was not on the radar of doctors...  Annals of Internal Medicine:  ...(when) a confused and febrile Robert Stevens walked into the emergency department of JFK Medical Cente...

5 Days Earlier

Anthrax Bob Stevens

    New York Times: (On) Thursday, September 27th, Robert Stevens and his wife drove to Charlotte, North Carolina, to visit their daughter Casey.  Dr. Barry Abrams/Dr Larry M. Bush, co-authors of Index Case of Fatal Inhalation of Anthrax due to Bioterrorism...

The Middle of the Night

Anthrax Bob Stevens

  Palm Beach Post: Maureen Stevens awoke in the middle of the night (about 2am) and found (her husband) wandering the house. He was stumbling, speaking in gibberish, barely lucid.  Atlanta Journal-Constitution: (H)e tried to dress to go to work .. was runnin...

JFK Memorial Hospital

Anthrax Bob Stevens

  Seattle Times: (T)he leading players on Stevens' team of doctors (were) Dr. Larry Bush and Dr. Barry Abrams, infectious-disease specialists, and Dr. Randall Wolff, director of JFK Medical Center's emergency department.  Dr. Barry Abrams/Dr Larry M. Bush, c...

 Dr. Larry M. Bush  - Bug Hunter

Anthrax Bob Stevens

  Atlanta Journal-Constitution: About 6:30 a.m. Oct. 2, Dr. Larry Bush, an infectious disease specialist at JFK Memorial Hospital in Atlantis, received a call saying his help was needed with a gravely ill patient. Esquire: Larry pads into the hospital shortl...

Maureen Stevens

Anthrax Bob Stevens

Palm Beach Post: Palm Beach Post: On Thursday (Oct 4, 2 days later), Dr. Jean Malecki - the county health department director .. - called (Maureen Stevens) at the house in suburban Lantana.  (She) had gone home for a short rest. We think it's anthrax, Malecki...

One Health

The Covid Atrocity Ch 1: One Health

by dulan drift, Wednesday, July 14, 2021, 14:42 - first published by formosa hut - thanks dan. In essence, The Covid Atrocity was committed by individuals seeking to centralize power within their globalist Orgs. The scio-globo-Org at the heart of this is One ...

GIDeoN - W. Ian Lipkin

The Covid Atrocity Ch 1: One Health

A thread amongst our Celebrity Scientists, apart from being pro-CCP, is the One Planet-One Health bio-data-base evangelism. For example, every chance Lipkin got in the crucial, embryonic Covid period - & he got a lot - he preached GIDEoN, a One Health Ini...

One Health Editorial Board

The Covid Atrocity Ch 1: One Health

Maybe it's unfair to single out Lipkin - everyone knows he’s up to his eyeballs in CCP collaborations - but one case is not reason to taint the whole One Health Initiative.  So how about the One Health Editorial Board? Looking at the list - there are some nam...

One Health Oneness

The Covid Atrocity Ch 1: One Health

By its nature, One Health wants to bring all world health organizations into its Oneness. It's lead actors are typically involved in several global bodies.  Take Peter Daszak for example: President of EcoHealth, on the Editorial Board of One Health, investigat...

Andersen, Holmes, Rambaut,

The Covid Atrocity Ch 2: Genomic Surveillance

When One Healthers talk about amassing the planet’s bio-data on a centralized system, the jewel in the crown is genomic surveillance capability. In plain terms: they’re coming for your DNA. (Update: It was instructive that Macron refused a Russian PCR test re...

Genomic Surveillance - H3Africa

The Covid Atrocity Ch 2: Genomic Surveillance

NIH (US): H3Africa (Human Heredity & Health), announced in June 2010, is organized and supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Wellcome Trust, a global charity based in London. So; a DNA collecting initiative in Africa, currently funded...

Wellcome - China Kadoorie Bio-bank

The Covid Atrocity Ch 2: Genomic Surveillance

by dulan drift, Sunday, July 25, 2021, 07:03 H3Africa is funded by NIH and Wellcome Trust. Sir Jeremy has been Director of Wellcome Trust since 2013. Wellcome website: Jeremy is a member of the UK government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE...

Keeping the Fire Burning: Yves Moreau

The Covid Atrocity Ch 2: Genomic Surveillance

With Australian Aborigines, it was someone's job, a woman’s job, to carry/nurture a smouldering stick when you moved camp - so you wouldn’t have to do the friction trick every time. If that stick was the embers of scientific spirit, then Richard Ebright/Simon...

Virus Hotspot

Covid Timeline - Towards Patient-Zero Timeline

Background: EcoHealth loved making hotspot maps of where they thought a zoonotic virus spillover would occur. The one place that doesn’t appear on any of these maps is: Wuhan. It should have been, though - with the darkest most foreboding red shading at the...

The Event

Covid Timeline - Towards Patient-Zero Timeline

mid-Aug-Sep 5: Patient-Zero candidate date - see Sep 12 below. Bear in mind that an accidental lab-origin involves community spread. That necessarily entails: a period of non-awareness from the patient/people at the lab he/she worked with the longer the bett...

Post Emergence: The Cover-up

Covid Timeline - Towards Patient-Zero

Nov 14: Goes viral - see above Dec 15: Ian Lipkin, WHO adviser, 16:44: I first heard about this outbreak on the 15th Dec from Lu Jia-hai .. who runs a large One-Health program - we have a program with Prof Lu - it’s been funded for about 6 months by the Chine...


Anthrax Rap

On the back of 911 - less than two weeks later in fact -  the Anthrax terrorist attack happened. Letters laced with the deadly pathogen were addressed to prominent politicians and press representatives - they stated: All all-caps. This created a helluva fus...

BGI and the Digital Silk Road

The Covid Atrocity Ch 2: Genomic Surveillance Our Simple Mission: To provide researchers and healthcare professionals with quality genomic data and genetic testing solutions, at rapid turnaround times with industry leading pricing. BGI Genomics is the world’s leading provider of genomic ...

Wellcome - BGI - Digital China Health - CONVERGE

The Covid Atrocity Ch 2: Genomic Surveillance

Jeremy Farrar, Director Wellcome Trust: Understanding humanity’s genetic code is not only going to be fundamental to the medicine of the future, it is an essential part of medicine today. .. The Wellcome Trust has invested more than £1 billion in genome resear...