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5 Days Earlier



New York Times: (On) Thursday, September 27th, Robert Stevens and his wife drove to Charlotte, North Carolina, to visit their daughter Casey. 

Dr. Barry Abrams/Dr Larry M. Bush, co-authors of Index Case of Fatal Inhalation of Anthrax due to Bioterrorism): Immediately on his arrival in North Carolina, the first symptoms developed; (including) muscle aches, nausea, and fever. The symptoms waxed and waned for the duration of the three-day trip. 

Esquire: (T)hey hiked a trail to the bottom of Hickory Nut Falls .. Bob .. scooped a handful of water , and drank it. He told Casey, "Tastes minerally."

C. A Mimms: They  (then took) a side trip to Durham to meet her boyfriend who was in school there. On the Sunday drive to Durham, flu-like symptoms of weakness, fever, and chills hit.

Palm Beach Post (interview with Maureen Stevens): They thought it was flu.  On the way home (to Florida) .. Stevens .. drove .. for ten hours .. pulling himself together long enough to make it home. They turned in early because they both felt like they were coming down with something.

Esquire: Home by 5, in bed by 8, with a temperature of 101.