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BBC: America's anthrax attack last autumn was second only to that on the Twin Towers in the degree of shock and anxiety it caus...

Anthrax Rap

The biggest players in the Anthrax terrorist attack aftermath were Cheney, Fauci, Franz, and Mueller. The quotes (apart from...


DIY podcast

Capital 'I'

How to change the world ...

Child Application

riff/cross-pollination on Dan's Refuser - set somewhere between now & then Photo: Getty

Covid Timeline - Towards Patient-Zero

Setting down a time-line is a not-fancy exercise. But it's funny how often it clarifies events . You see what aligns - what doe...

Dominic E. Dwyer: WHO Investigator

A case study of a typical WHO Investigator reveals a sordid trail of lies & CCP allegiance.

Go Faster


Lin-Fa Wang: The Dark Knight

Chinese-Australian Wang (CSIRO, Duke) is arguably the Greatest Covid Conspirator you've never heard of. Published Tues, Feb 8,...


poem - imperfection

Master of the Universe

(under construction) An interview with an MOU

Missionaries of the Sacred Heart

An exploration of the Catholic Church's frontier interaction with Australia's Original inhabitants

My Life as a Robot

Proximal Origin

Beat this Date! May 18, 2020. A WORLD-FIRST drill-down analysis of the Proximal Origin of SARS-nCoV-2 paper at the heart of t...

The Covid Atrocity

Jeremy Farrar was a 'massively driven' genomics visionary - with everything to lose. News of a GoF-spillover event from a Sino...

The Jan 2020 WIV Conference

(under construction) An artistic guess at what went down at the Jan 11-14 WIV Annual Retreat.

The Refuser

Tales of The Lottery in The Brave New World of 2084