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The Covid Atrocity

Jeremy Farrar was a 'massively driven' genomics visionary - with everything to lose. News of a GoF-spillover event from a Sino/West collaboration at WIV was a PR catastrophe for bio-globalism. In a crisis, did Sir Jeremy arise to orchestrate The Cover-up? To save the One Health empire?

This is a quest to transcend the endless scientific minutiae of Covid - to see the forest - and it's biggest trees.

Ch 1: One Health

Ch 2: Genomic Surveillance

Jeremy Farrar's/Wellcome's/ BGI Genomics's (China) role in the Genomics Revolution - brought to ...

Ch 3 - Proximal Origin

In the story of the Covid Atrocity, there are two documents that fooled the world (with help from...

Ch 4: The Lancet Statement

The old one-two: Nature's Prox was THE science - Lancet THE scientists endorsing it. Case closed.

Ch 5: Feb 1 Teleconference

Heavily redacted FOI emails from Fauci still reveal tantalizing details of how the cover-up went ...

Ch 6: Sir Jeremy Farrar

A deep-dive into the man who changed-the-world

Farrar - The Early Years

The forces that shaped the man who shaped the world


The true horror of Covid is that the publicly funded academic institutions that we were relying o...


What does a Wellcome funding vehicle focused on Vietnam have to do with the Ebola outbreak of 201...

Sir Jeremy the Reckless

Farrar embraces the mantle as a visionary risk-taker - but is that what the world wants from our ...

Science as Religion

Scientists have long sneered at religion as something the ignorant masses believe in - but the sc...

Wellcome Trust

Is Wellcome Trust a private security organization shaping the world in their own image?

Secret stuff

A closer look at the secret world of bio-security

The Scio-security Players

We know our scientists are mixed up in security operations - but whose side are they on exactly?

Why Dunnit?

A round-up of motives

Deliberate release?

Let's not rule it out until we have all the info.

Crime and Punishment

How to deal with the perps