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One Health Editorial Board

Maybe it's unfair to single out Lipkin - everyone knows he’s up to his eyeballs in CCP collaborations - but one case is not reason to taint the whole One Health Initiative.  So how about the One Health Editorial Board?

Looking at the list - there are some names i don’t know - but a lot do jump off the page.

Peter Daszak, William Karesh, Jonathan Epstein - EcoHealth Alliance: (Esptein also has Columbia ties). EcoHealth is known for its CCP ... & ...CIA connections. What's up with that? As well as WIV collaborations galore.

If Covid is a lab-leak, then there’s a good chance EcoHealth scientists were directly involved in engineering it.

Thomas Briesse - Columbia/WHO: Columbia, home of Ian Lipkin, CCP ties stretching over decades, operates joint labs in China. Like Lipkin, Briese has been involved with China since SARS. Collaborated with GIDeoN founders Lipkin and Lu Jia-hai at Sun Yat-sen University as recently as March 2021.

Marion Koopmans, WHO Covid investigator: Golden Rule: if a totalitarian surveillance state vets, then approves you ... you’re suss. Concluded that a lab-leak is extremely unlikely. Feb 1 Teleconferencer. At the pointy end of Covid politics.

Malcolm Jones, Editor-in-Chief, University of QLD: Jones (Feb14, 20): Members of the Coronavirus family (Coronaviridae) are quintessential One Health viruses. .. This approach of environmental surveillance forms part of the PREDICT strategy. [20] 

Rowland N. Cobbold, (and the extravagantly named) Ricardo Jorge Soares Magalhaes - both UQ: Along with Columbia, Oxford, Duke, and University of Sydney - UQ is a notorious pro-CCP academic institution. With three One Health reps on the board, same as EcoHealth, it can be relied on to deliver the CCP’s messaging.

Vincent J. Munster - NIAID (The Fauch’s kingdom): collaborated with Koopmans on Feb 2020 paper downplaying Covid, praising CCP’s response.

Then we have six Chinese academics from state-run institutions including:

Lu Jia-hai - Sun Yat-sen University: Lipkin’s GIDEON collaborator, conducts joint projects with Columbia involving Lipkin, Breise.

Wenbao Zhang - Xinjiang Medical University: Xinjiang Medical Uni boasts 21 purged Uyghur academics relocated to vocational training camps - academia is not an approved vocation, apparently.

Conclusion: The One Health Initiative, that’s campaigning for a centralized data-base of personalized health info, & global power to enforce directives - is controlled by pro-CCP functionaries.

That sounds crazy - but if it’s true.  Covid has provided a catapulting effect into this sci-fi-future-gone-wrong ... where drastic restrictions on freedoms are justified due to Covid.  Ethicists (philosophers) are howled down (imprisoned if you're in China) for questioning this state of affairs.  It's all about: THE Science

Its self-appointed claim to sovereign globo-authourity ... The Iron Throne. Now it's hurtling us towards bio-surveillance on a planetary scale. If we don't stop this now it will be too late. Maybe it already is.