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Plato's Cave

poem - must be read in a TV/Game Promo Voice. This tangented whilst editing Conclusion's chapter in Origin Tracing book - it b...

Who am i?

Performance poem about evil. In order to Order society, creating a Devil is way more important than God

Not Serious Poem


DIY podcast poem


Poem - Life navigtion

Anthrax Rap

The biggest players in the Anthrax terrorist attack aftermath were Cheney, Fauci, Franz, and Mueller. The quotes (apart from...

Capital 'I'

How to change the world ...

1 = 0


Child Application

riff/cross-pollination on Dan's Refuser - set somewhere between now & then Photo: Getty


poem - imperfection

My Life as a Robot

Zoe Buhler

Found Poem - transcript of the arrest of Zoe Buhler for 'Incitement' under Dan Andrews's Covid police-state

Go Faster


Master of the Universe

(under construction) An interview with an MOU

Random Thoughts

A collection of thoughts/one-liners that pop into my head whilst working on other stuff ...

None of this ...