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Who dunnit?

Recap: Pop question … who executed the Anthrax mailings terrorist attack -  on the back of 911?

I didn't know - dan @ formosahut put me onto it. The FBI website states:

The Justice Department’s Counterterrorism Section, expended  - hundreds of thousands of investigator work hours on this case - and conducted more than 10,000 witness interviews on six different continents. 

Wow - that’s a lot isn’t it?!    A seven year Robert Mueller-led non- investigation - the biggest non-investigation since the Kennedy assassination.  Guessing that involved a whole-lotta public spondula - so - Robert Mueller - who’s dunnit?

 - drumroll …

Bruce Ivins

Yeah i’d never heard of him either. 

A US biodefense scientist from Lebanon, Ohio

Working at: Fort Detrick, the US's top bio-weapon defense facility (WIV is the Chinese equivalent) -he was a 30 year veteran.  It gets better:

Ivins was an expert advisor to the FBI in their investigation into the Anthrax attack. 

An amazing one apparently

LA Times: At a Pentagon ceremony in 2003 (two years in), Ivins .. from USAMRIID (was) presented with the Decoration of Exceptional Civilian Service.

That’s hilarious. I’m sure he deserved it - the highest honour Defense can give ya. I kid you not. Of all the experts bravely defending us in the war on bio-terror you’re pin-up boy is the very-one who mailed the letters!

Either you're the greatest idiots on earth - or - you're complicit - which is it? I can't think of a third explanation.

Ivins: Awards are nice - but the real satisfaction is knowing the vaccine is back on line.

The real dissatisfaction is knowing it was a known known within weeks it was a lab-leak from Fort Detrick.  Each strain of Anthrax has its own unique kinda signature. The spores in the American attack were signed: Fort Detrick bio-weapons lab - Frederick County - Maryland.

Yeah … now might not be a very good time to talk about that - right when we are about to wage wars to fight bio-terrorism. How’s it gonna look if we caused it?

Motive: Ivins was a  co-inventor on two patents for quote a genetically engineered anthrax vaccine.  Two more for additives - which turned out the most lucrative - developed for Coley Pharmaceuticals - now owned by Pfizer Corp.

Ironically, Ivins later blamed his chronic blood disorder on having self-trialed too much of his own magic elixir. 

Bruce’s big picture?:   Boost funding fa bio-defense research via paradigm disruption 

Inject a dose of urgency into the mix - an existential security threat - a market for that - a self-selling culture - fuck it - let's be a Religion - we're in the business of shaping Global Thought - get your mitts on that wheel you're steering the future. 

Which, in fact, all worked out spiffingly. 

Bio-science funded through the roof - aloof scientific experts  mobilized as total-authorities - on everything.  A ruse used to rape your biodata.  To keep you safe. 

All thanks to a series of terrorist attacks perpetrated/covered-up by: top-experts acting with natural impunity ...

Love from THE science community.

Good job.  You pulled all that off - now 20 years later - no-one knows, or cares who the fuck dunnit it - or ever will ... We've all moved on ...