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A Brief History of Bio-warfare

Bio-warfare has gone on almost as long as normal warfare.  If you've made the leap, as a state, to play the kill-other-people-game, it then becomes a matter of: 

What's the best way to achieve that? 

Welcome to The Big, BIG-league.  Your mission as a leader: expand your truth-horizon - by eliminating those that disagree with you.

First records of bio-warfare-tec will take you go back to 600 BCE, poisoning of the wells with animal carcasses, fecal matter, & so on. 

The plague was then weaponized in the Middle-ages.  During the siege of Caffa port (now Feodosia, Ukraine), then held by the Genovese. The Tatars  got the bright idea of catapulting cadavers from a plague outbreak in their own ranks into those of the enemy's lines.  It worked brilliantly.  Some say it caused the 2nd Pandemic, when soldiers fleeing back to Italy fanned the outbreak in Europe.

Then in 1763, of course, we have Sir Jeffrey Amherst, Commander of British forces in North America.  He ordered that smallpox infected blankets be handed out to non-compliant North American Native tribes.  A subtle genocide.  A secret one.

So bio-warfare tech has always existed as a human dark-art - for those with the power, the will to go there - it's in their blood - to fuck with what's in our blood. 

Then: humanity ran smack-bang into the perfect storm of:  WW2 & The rise of paradigm forming scio-tec breakthroughs ...

Secret, ambitious projects - top scientists up to God-knows-what - developing the most efficient ways to kill. 

Their moral justification?  Here's the real beauty of it:  all that's abrogated to the system!

We're scientists - in our wisdom - we take the politics out

Within that closed-environment, under-cover-of-the-night, it was: anything goes ...