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(under construction) image-1641259188609.pngStraddling both eras are Fauci & Franz. Further up the food chain at Fort Detrick is ex-Commander David Franz - the man who'd nurtured the scio-fear-mongering culture in the first place in the lead up to the Anthrax scam - a US Colonel no less.  Doubled as a bio-weapons inspector in Iraq - insisting Saddam had bioweapons factories churning out anthrax, long after it  was apparent he didn't. Celebrity scientist on MSM pumping bio-terror like his livelihood depended on it - obsessed with it - writing textbooks on the subject - the world's leading expert.

His take on the Anthrax debacle?

I think a lot of good has come from it. From a biological or a medical aspect, we've now five people who have died, but we've put about $6 billion in our budget into defending against bioterrorism.

Yeah, but where's the evidence of the good that's come from that?

I mean, you’d’ve thought a deliberate release from a BSL-4  lab by a popular-scientist ... to pump vaccines ... might've been a red-flag moment - for:

            -   a Mad-scientist culture gone maddist   -

... not a champagne cork-popping moment.  To celebrate the new era.  A ceremonial turning on of the tap for all-you-can-eat funding trough for GoF addict scientists. 

With Franz's reputation sealed as a walking disaster area/disrupter, he becomes a policy advisor for Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance.  Fanning fear of Bio-terror had been a funding sensation - but was waning - Davey's drafted in to instill a fear of nature instead.  

Anthrax was the fork in the road that led straight to Covid

The sliding doors moment - where the adults are meant to say: What the heck is going on here?  It’s time to de-escalate, regulate risky bio-defense experiments - before you lot with ya cahooting cohorts cause a catastrophic pandemic!

Oh, too late. Brackets - there were lots of scientists warning exactly that - no that's not right - few and far between in fact - Richard Ebright, Wain-Hobson,  Yves Moreau - but they got drowned out by the One-Health show - that's a shame.

Coz with all that money came  the addictive rush of influence - the power - to entrench it - censor/crush your opponent.  But where has that left us?

Let’s at least - press pause - to discuss what you’re fating us with.  I get it that you think you're very clever, but your installing a genetically engineered future that bans individuality - a surveillance-system invented initially - let's not forget - to counter the very bio-terrorism - that your community artificially created.

Now here we go with Covid - making the same mistake again - only bigger - as Georg Hegel once said - the greatest lesson history teaches us is:

we never learn the lesson

So guessing we're stuck in your flat-earth world - altered/shaped/shackled by a premise that is: not real.  Living-the-lie in a hijacked reality, that's dictated to us ...

It didn't/doesn't have to be like this. 

We can still get it back.  But we better get cracking.