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Inspired by THE Anthrax Terrorist Mailings - George W Bush signed Project Bioshield into law - making a speech to mark the occasion in 2004 3 years later:

Bush:  Project Bioshield  authorizes $5.6 billion .. on vaccines to fight anthrax .. and other potential agents of bioterror for the American population

That’s a Seventh Heaven safe-copulation room - for: 

Vaccine-Scientists & Big-Pharmacists  at least …

Bush:  Since September 11  -  we've increased .. funding for: 

biodefense research at NIH - by a factor of:   30

Mate - you little beauty.  How bout the annoying safety regulations?  It's still a bug in the system that kills innovation …  Can you fix that shit?

Bush:  When I sign this bill -  the Food and Drug Administration - will - be able to permit - rapid distribution of promising new drugs  - in the most urgent circumstances

Like … Covid for instance?   Maan  -  that's so ominous  

The murky emergency-use approval first enacted to: 

Warp-speed Co-vax 

was invented by:    George W   

Due to:        The Anthrax Terrorist Attacks

Bush:  I want to thank    THE Vice President    for his hard work 

He was the point man  in THE White House  on this piece of legislation

Ohr … congratulations Dick!   I stand corrected  

Going berserk on scio-bio-spending was a … Cheney-Sponsored-Venture  

That makes me feel much better …

How boutcha Big-Science Grunt - Dick - in all this Bio-Shield cash-cowing?  

Ya know-how guy, ya trusted Grand Meister

when THE Scio-Spyo-Industry geysered-up

Cometh the hour - cometh THE Cunt   …   take a bow:

Anthony S. Fauci

Right-in-the-thick-of-it - pleading for Dick’s BioShield before Congress

as: THE World’s Leading Expert/Advocate/Recipient 

Anthrax was:   the making of:   His NIAID Kingdom

Fauci:  The events of September 11, and the subsequent anthrax attacks have changed  -  forever  - how the Biomedical Community responds to:  emerging threats

Except that change - forever - was the emerging threat, mate - let's not forget that ...

The accelerated development of effective countermeasures against terrorism requires:    a new research paradigm

It didn’t - actually - coz the bio-terrorism line was all bumkin - but this new paradigm of accelerated humanity lurching became manifest  all the same.  Commonly known today as:            

Gain-of-Function Research

So how did Fauci justify this extremism?  Normal way of course …

We are now on a wartime footing and are  compelled   to:    modify the way we do business 

Hell!   Compelled.  To play GODS.  Due to:  a made-up Maelstrom!   

Btw - when you say  -  do business -  in the whole bioterrorism hustle - i’m curious - who was ya drug-pumping muscle?

The Fouch:   Biotech firms are our Industrial partners - they are essential to countermeasure development  


In particular:   Merk, Pfizer, & Emergent BioSolutions

Fauci:  The increase in the President’s budget from 2002 to 2003 is:   

$1.5 billion dollars  -  which is the largest single increase  -  literally - in the history of the NIH

Great … then came Bioshield … on top of that!   As Bush said: 

It was a 3000% gushing  -  in 3 years

Once that fountain spouting public dollars is unleashed - there’s no retreat … obviously

even in times of peace 

Fauci’s money/power lust would go on to make John Donne’s love blush

7 years on - THE Illusionary Muslim Bio-terrorist trope was finally flogged-to-within-an-inch-of-its-life …   

Whereupon:  they went:   THE Extra Inch

You’d hope that’d be a Natural-Endpoint though for:  

THE Money Sink-Hole …      right?

No Bioterrorists left for Fauchi-Cheney-Inc to fight - never were any 

Yeah-nope   -   not by a long-shot.    Next up:  THE War on Animals 

Brand new Expert Warning:     Disease-X   

a Deadly Crossover Event   -  lurking around every corner      

Stay tuned   -    Coming soon to:      a Security Sector near you 

It’s pure genius  -  sort of …  

Kicks the same goals as Bioterrorism  -  knows no borders 

Ya New World Order  … that’ll all roll seamlessly on etc

But meet the real beauty of Disease-X as: THE New Normal Devil 

You won’t ever have to actually  defeat it …

You’ll gain way more money/data/globo-power  if:   you don’t

It’s a Globalist’s Wet Dream-Game.    It’s:   an-&/or-THE  - End Game

Brought to you buy a bunch of Drug-Lords:

The Fouch (before Congress):   But   -  they want some assurances if they are successful that there'll be a market for their product

Sure they did.   Guess they got it.  Guess we all did ...