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Not Serious Poem

Origin Tracing - How hard can it be?

(under construction) Exposing the myth that origin tracing is (a) difficult (b) the exclusive domain of scientists

Peter Daszak: Batman

If Covid was an engineered bat virus, then EcoHealth Alliance, was at the heart of it. Daszak, as head of EHA, led the cover-u...

Plato's Cave

poem - must be read in a TV/Game Promo Voice. This tangented whilst editing Conclusion's chapter in Origin Tracing book - it b...

Proximal Origin

Beat this Date! May 18, 2020. A WORLD-FIRST drill-down analysis of the Proximal Origin of SARS-nCoV-2 paper at the heart of t...

Random Thoughts

A collection of thoughts/one-liners that pop into my head whilst working on other stuff ...

Random Thoughts 2023

The Covid Atrocity

Jeremy Farrar was a 'massively driven' genomics visionary - with everything to lose. News of a GoF-spillover event from a Sino...

THE Covid Inquiry - Aussie-style

Under construction book - will add chapters over next couple of months

The Jan 2020 WIV Conference

(under construction) An artistic guess at what went down at the Jan 11-14 WIV Annual Retreat.

The Refuser

Tales of The Lottery in The Brave New World of 2084.

W. Ian Lipkin & Wikipedia's War on Truth

(unfinished) How Wikipedia fought the frontline data war to suppress the truth about Ian Lipkin. This was a dark period - yo...

Who am i?

Performance poem about evil. In order to Order society, creating a Devil is way more important than God

Wokey Pokey

alternative kindergarten songs - under construction - to be sung in normal happy way

Zoe Buhler

Found Poem - transcript of the arrest of Zoe Buhler for 'Incitement' under Dan Andrews's Covid police-state