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Go Faster

Go faster you’re too slow you’re not good enough  go faster  where are you going   you’re too slow  go faster

Gravity is God is Acceleration is Motion makes the world go ‘round  we colt jag against it    with it    till it kills us off      Gravity is life is death is God  I pray to God  I love you God  -  no wait  there’s no gravity without   Matter is God    is it?   Nah  it’s Motion  without Motion you ain’t got jack-shit

How’s it going  yeah-no -good  millions of kilometres per hour   yourself  

I have Motion  I feel it   I’m drawn to ideas through the medium of Emotion   I  attract   repel   I feel repelled   my own spiralling thought-galaxy  am I a God  - a very small one?

her dress rose up  she was bending over to cut the palm fronds I saw her arse smaller than I’d thought  her panties slightly scrunched beyond the tan-line a roundness two round mounds   bending over to cut the palm fronds   her dress rose up 

No wait  why does Motion exist     Existence is God    Existence exists   The omnipotent code for every possibility  everything comes from that thought pattern a Wave  a Code   with an Error  

who let the Error in   way to go Eve and fucking Adam  

There is no journey into Somethingness  without the Error. 

we are the fractalling Chance manifestations of its resultant Pattern  gusting from outside us   flows through us   the wind   we’re its trees   its leaves  we shiver its pulse  we’re its instrument  its noise that vibrates Motion’s Desire to extend