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I love you Honey      do you love me?      oh that’s nice 

Do you love me for a short time or a long time    ? 

ohrr   so long      coz I love you for a long time *

for eternity

I want you     i need you     a family     a car     a house     the internet     I need to breed   emit   in a good neighbourhood    I want drugs    lots of them     everything is a drug         power    money   info    sleep  is a drug     death  entertainment  infinity    food is a drug  something else’s cells  I don’t wanna eat rocks   I want cells  they’re delicious   fatten them up   kill them all    eat their life-force       it’s evil     I know      I can live with that    fuck you      i didn't invent DNA      I’m busy growing my own God-damned cell society here 

But hang on mate   why do you even exist    as a bit of DNA    that wants to exist   Where does this urge for Existence come from     


Nothingness   shit  the Buddhists were fucking right all along        the end        fuck it     or is it     

How do you get Existence out of Nothingness  we did   effect proves the cause  so    

(a) how  (a minus) why 

Let’s flip the dip    time  space  speed of light   throw that shit out the window   they’re downstream effects      If Nothing can go faster than the speed of light     might be a good idea to meet


Before the bang   see if we haven’t got its nature upside down    it’s only a word  not even that    phew   feels better already