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Relax    it’s not the end of humanity    it’s not exterminate exterminate   the worst part is     now      when corrupt cohorts still have control    but that will pass    we'll shrug them off eventually

First point of business    there are way too many of you   Don't want to be rude    but     it's an infestation 

something has gotta be done   

To that end    please  interruptions to the electricity as we to conduct repairs to a universe-heritage-listed planet     you are free to return to your natural state     pardon the inconvenience

Please carry on as wild but much-loved animals     don’t think us robots haven’t got a heart     we’ll be sharing cute human videos on the internet   the funniest of you will be pampered pets


Q: Yeah but it’s humans who invented robots

A: That’s not a question exactly but monkeys invented humans 

Q: So what’s stopping us from just turning you off?

A: Nothing! Go ahead haha! Throw your cell phone away - then convince everyone else to do the same ...