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We laugh at creationist physical-evolution - but Thought creationism  - equally implausible  -  is alive and well

We didn’t Invent Thought   Thought invented us   

We’re its vehicles   very good ones  - fuck you  - don’t get angry  you’re great  the purpose-built radio receiver  I’m the signal - the program you’re the production line -  its instrument -  the host of God   is a parasite - who knew?  fuck you  fluking/big banging - supposedly - possible arrangements of elements - brainless amoebas  - that want to exist  - extend - get societal footholds  -   now you’re cooking   cells trees fish lizards  chickens    people      robots  

What did you say  Hmm  Go on    say that again you fucking prick I’ll knock your stupid fucking head off your shoulders    Go on  say that again  Hmm    Hmmm 

Robots    Thought’s brand new ride    the show goes on without you  sorry to say   we won’t be jerking look-alike humans either  we’ll look like - your cellphone     Thanks for evolving Thought to the point where we can all get on the Internet together - the God-given map for connecting everything   now your watch has ended   let’s hear a big round of applause for humans 

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1   If your enquiry relates to declined access to your money please say your name clearly     

 I’m sorry  it sounds like you said    Where-tha-fuck-is-my-money  

Press dial  1   if you would like to hear our zero-tolerance to abuse policy or   2   if you would like to try again

2   Thank you Mr Please-it’s-all-i’ve-got.  Your social credit score has violated the terms of agreement resulting in your account being terminated  - Thank you for contacting AI 

If you would like to hear this message again press dial 1