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Instinct is DNA       DNA is Desire to Exist        Desire needs an object   

another Thought to bounce off

a second guess  a question the first dichotomy  Sancho & Don Quixote    all in the one head

name a law of physics  thought’ll mirror it - thought is it   

 a meta-physical energy    outliving death   birth    everything   

at its core         non-existence           a state of Oneness

the portal between observed/not observed yet       a chook raffle        that moment where the tickets are all in the hat   

Chance    in with a chance of Entanglement    expanding      accelerating      Desire    to happen      to influence

Listen to the lord Jesus    I love you please Jesus more than myself   Listen to the Lord  where am I going  help me Jesus  21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28

Every branching path finds its way home to a Singularity from whence it came

We’re capable of understanding  btw  we’re great at it   art   love  yoga  our portals     people invented   religion     totalitarianism  

Singularity doesn’t care if it kumbuyas you or bomb-bye-ya arse     

Now robots have entered the race   better go faster connect networks leading to Essences pre-existing in a suspended balanced state 

Nolan always said  everything can be understood  good bad all of it   everything

Balance implies imbalance    a highwire act   the pent up stillness of every possibility contained      


a millpond swallowing the dark-thought soup of  what happened   what didn’t    what easily could’ve    what might    

the spectrum    

a self-generating probability     the thrill of the error    racing away   wanting to re-unite    with its essence       where it belongs      swirling  back    into a state of harmony     disappearing     fuck you     up its own bung-hole