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Shit  I’ve fucked up  fuck   you had choices   if only I’d     fuck   I had the information   it was all there   why did I do that     cozzzzz    you’re stupid       shut up       you shut up     its a pattern of behaviour  you’re locked in    you locked yourself in     fuck  I can’t do it   where am I      you had your chances  you blew them   they’re gone   they no longer exist

Except   they do  

exhibit (a) I keep fucking thinking of them 

(b) everything is real   dreams are real    if it exists    as a thought    it’s real

I think  - therefore there’s Thought

What’s under your nose   but   you can’t see me under a microscope  ?

Faster than the speed of light    fuck that shit    I’m there before the race begins  

You can see where I’ve been though   you are where I’ve been  

Only two things can pass both ways through the wall of Existence and Non-existence 1. Quantum physics wave/particles   2. Thought   Is that a coincidence  ?

What was I talking about  shit    I can’t remember   it was important  damn   what was it     something to do with      emotion   as an infusion    nah      it wasn’t that     damn      it’s gone      is it     gone where  ?

The nature of Nothingness is the nature of Thought    The Essence of Existence     every pathway      it’s all in there  

the soup 

the Probability Wave   the flip-side of Existence that doesn’t exist            yet  

unobserved  pre-Existence  = Nothing   

unlived fairy worlds  accompanying your every move   the probability wave   waiting for their chance to happen     to particlize      

or not   

everything is a metaphor for everything  else   

Where are you       I’m on the way     How much longer       Hard to say   GPS is acting up    using old fashioned way haha             Are you lost                        No    it’s fine  I’m on the way          Ok   hurry up   i'm waiting