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What is funny?

Right!   This time i’m writing a poem that’s not too serious

Ohh-kaay … gotta have some gravitas though 

As a matter of fact it has.  But we’re accessing that with a Lighter Tone - quirky  - Ham-it-up-a-bit!  

Yeah … don’t go berserk though.  Something that might work on the slam-circuit.  Nudges the listener … not bludgeons …  

Maaate!  Nice Mind Lattice.  I’m ..   

Ohr wait:   gotta make it rhyme   …  so the judges’ll know it’s poetry …


& don’t forget ta repeat a line  - to amplify significance 

& don’t forget ta repeat a line - to amplify significance


Now  -  let's get to:  THE Essence:   

As an art, what is: funny?  

Uhm … if it makes someone laugh …?

Well, ya half right, it detects it, but what generates that laugh? 

Koestler’s Act of Creation, says it’s  Victimization (jokes at someone’s expense) &/or Bisociation (connecting two unrelated concepts).

I see, nice but non-funny, input.  

I didn’t give the bisociation example yet …

My nephew is great on the piano.  He can play anything

Wow… does he play by ear?

Noo … he uses his hands

Haha, but we heard X wittily say that in a party conversation, so, technically, (a) it’s not original (b) it’s not poetry


So before we explore further: Don’t be mentioning The C-word.           &/Or:   THE V-word  -  we’ve all moved on  

Yes sir. Though some would say the definition of poetry is:  to speak the unspeakable


Cool. But it breaks our Golden Rule:   not funny  

Weelll … technically  …  it’s:   funny peculiar …

How’s that ?

Bat Lady .. Batman .. & .. The Virus Hunter:  cook-up a: Super Bat Virus … in …:   The Bat Lab 

Using real nicknames they’d already given themselves …

Holy Pandemic Potential! Hope security was tight …

Yeah-nope.    Whoops …

Luckily we’d been working on:   the exact vaccine variant to fix it! 

& btw:  China’s brand of Totalitarianism is:    “open & transparent”

Huhhuhhuh!      Yeah-but  - you’d have to admit …it did catapult us into a dystopian Science-fiction Movie  -  including:  Draconian Restrictions on: all Freedoms  -  AI Surveillance - literally up ya gazoo  …  

That’s dark  bro :  not funny

Indeed - anal recognition technology is going too far.