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Academy Award

Let’s forget that shit:  strip it right  back:   

How ‘bout:     THE Academy Award for Slap-Stick Comedy?

Yeah …  where are you going with this? 

Happening at  -  that  - exact moment in money-time -  when:     THE Media  -  pivots  -  from:  talking about THE C-word - incessantly - total cover-up crap, but non-stop  …  right up to:


THE Slap


Starring?: (Baritone announcer voice) Will Smith - with Chris Rock  

A Tragic-Comedy  … that’ll shock you   … into forgetting that …   : 

THE C-word ever happened

Best supporting actors?:   Every other Hollywood  Cock-head 

in Attendance   


Yeah - that was hilarious - could barely wipe the tears away - but-  

Yo - let’s do that - THE Hollywood Slap:   as:     a  found poem !    We could go viral!

Yeah … or not.

Re-enact it - right here n now!  

If i’ve said - or later say - something provocative - 

anyone is invited to  come out of the audience … 

whack me one in the chops.

(hand wave-off gesturing) No, as i said, we can’t be-

But Instead of …  a Slap …    let’s up the ante … kickbox me in the fucking head.  Any volunteers?


Whoa-whoa - stay in your seats!    We’re only brainstorming here  …