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Hatching the plan

(work in progress)

The Jan 2020 Meetings would set the One Science lie in motion.  So what were the contents?

Firstly, it wasn't a single meeting, it was a 3-day retreat.

Key points:

Day 1: Fact Finding presentations.  What happened? What do we know - what do we not know?

This is pivotal to how future discussions would have gone.

Scenario A:

WIV was a homegrown GoF event.  Involving international partners EHA,

Action: Go into full cover-up mode. Wild animal, possibly imported.  The Americans did it with Anthrax.  Do that. Our international partners will  sell it their end 

Which was what we saw. Seems likely.

Scenario B:

WIV was working closely with US/Singapore/German/French labs, so it's possible a foreign scientist carried it in.  Danielle Anderson was the last foreigner at WIV, right at the time SARS-2 is estimated to have originated.  Did she carry it in as an asymptomatic/mild carrier?

Scenario C:

Was it engineered outside China, by Baric, then smuggled into WIV by an international scientist, say a Daszak?  Knowledge of this GoF breakthrough was being rumoured through a closed-circle of virology/vaxology cohorters.  Problem is we can't do anything with it here due to over-regulation, but trust me ... this is big.

This would explain a few things.  WIV is complicit, but not the source of the leak - could have been a stored at WIV - then passed out to a lower level lab.

Two of WIV's management say

Yuan Zhiming:  I want to emphasize that .... the Wuhan Institute of Virology has never designed, made or leaked the novel coronavirus.

Wang Yanyi (vid, 2:23): It's certainly impossible the virus was made by, or leaked by, the Wuhan Institute of Virology. 

This is a windmill tilt, but, they both omit the word stored.  Is that deliberate?  We didn't make it or leak it, but were we storing it - smuggled in by the Bat Pack ... ?

Scenario D: The Military Games: If it's a questionable coincidence that a super-contagious bat virus originated next-door to the world's largest Bat Lab, then the Military Games happening around the same time it took off is also curious.

All of these scenarios would explain the co-ordinated response from the experts that we saw. Which has to be explained first by any theory. 

What made the highly-paid network of international world-leading expert scientists/journals betray every principle of science?

There must be a reason.  They can't all be that stupid.  Either way it's a major problem.


Day 2: Narrative consolidation - same as SARS - wuhan market - let the experts decide -

Day 3: Organization, mobilization of plan, Prox-O/Nature, Lancet Statement co-ordination, Feb 1 Teleconf, Tedros