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That combative streak - it’s alright - i get it - trauma multiplied by your normal non-conformity - a perfect storm of vengeance unfurled upon the dickhead heads of this world. But lest you become one of them - let’s think about that philosophically for a minute.  Why not express that anger on what gotcha into this mess in the first place?  It’s not the usual prick one meets on the street remember - it’s the gestalt - the ruling culture 

Did i have your back back then no matter what?  Maybe not.  It was too chaotic.  Did you have mine?   I wonder - how ‘bout we got each other’s this time? –  i'm in a spot of bother - i’m Hong Kong - i’m going under - turns out i need a warrior.  If you’re inclined to divine this frequency across the divide babe - luck’ll favour the brave - isn’t that what you’d have said?  

The spell of heaven and hell? yeah it’s stuck in our minds for a reason - alive n wriggling - i’m waist deep in its primal muck - metaphysically speaking.  So here’s what i’m thinking - let’s take that fight the fuck up.  This time let me handle the direction. Our secret weapon is still a ya loaded question - an undressing - a messing with their minds – a spasmic revelation.   You wanna white-knuckle that equation - hell yeah - i’m fucken well buckled in

Lost when i met you you said

I saw you - we already knew

Whatever will happen has happened

I take care of you