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Cafe on the Moon

Your little life secret - it’s safe with me btw - matter of fact it was part of the attraction - coded veils - got something of an eye for ‘em - takes one to decipher one and so on - a game - a fun one.  You were funny - strange funny - haha too - an off-sync bent - a conversationalist - provocative - as a result, more than intention - always asking questions - interested where the answers went - curious - to a fault 

On one hand - your ‘condition’ - in my opinion - the wonder-wheel of life.  If i’d said i wanna open a cafe on the moon - you’d be Right! How soon? Pronounce this auto-time-travel experiment whereby we’re there - tonight -  bouncing thought atoms off of each other in the ether - unravelling the future - a meal - wine - laughing - music - a reefer - everything as it’s meant to be - let memory decide the keepers

Among those small to small-medium-sized hours we trawled the answer to the universe. Then holy Moses you found it!  Hidden under our noses. It wasn’t 42.  Yet sort of - it was a number: 1.  Even guessed the question: What’s 2 - 1?  With 2 you got observation;  1 = singularity -  no observation - no nothing - except nothing : 1 = 0 in fact  -   existence’s magic trick  -  from nothingness to somethingness and back. 

Just didn’t expect that would be our gig - probably should’ve twigged in retrospect


Lost when i met you you said

I saw you - we already knew

Whatever will happen has happened

I take care of you