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Bob Stevens


Wellcome Trust

The Covid Atrocity

Is Wellcome Trust a private security organization shaping the world in their own image?


The Covid Atrocity

What does a Wellcome funding vehicle focused on Vietnam have to do with the Ebola outbreak of 2013-14 on the border of Guinea and Sierra Leone? Quite a lot. For a start it provides a blueprint for the Covid cover-up

ebola outbreak 2013-14
wellcome trust
Robert Garry
Kristian Andersen
jeremy farrar
bats in a hollow tree
Sierra Leone
Kenema Government Hospital

Crime and Punishment

The Covid Atrocity

How to deal with the perps

Deliberate release?

The Covid Atrocity

Let's not rule it out until we have all the info.

Why Dunnit?

The Covid Atrocity

A round-up of motives

Ch 4: The Lancet Statement

The Covid Atrocity

The old one-two: Nature's Prox was THE science - Lancet THE scientists endorsing it. Case closed.

The Scio-security Players

The Covid Atrocity

We know our scientists are mixed up in security operations - but whose side are they on exactly?

Secret stuff

The Covid Atrocity

A closer look at the secret world of bio-security

Science as Religion

The Covid Atrocity

Scientists have long sneered at religion as something the ignorant masses believe in - but the science community exhibits so many of the worst excesses of a religious organization in the name of THE Science, it's scary.

Ch 1: One Health

The Covid Atrocity

Sir Jeremy the Reckless

The Covid Atrocity

Farrar embraces the mantle as a visionary risk-taker - but is that what the world wants from our leaders at the helm? What risks are you taking on our behalf exactly? With whom?


The Covid Atrocity

The true horror of Covid is that the publicly funded academic institutions that we were relying on to tell the truth, played leadership roles in spreading lies.

Farrar - The Early Years

The Covid Atrocity

The forces that shaped the man who shaped the world

Ch 6: Sir Jeremy Farrar

The Covid Atrocity

A deep-dive into the man who changed-the-world

Ch 5: Feb 1 Teleconference

The Covid Atrocity

Heavily redacted FOI emails from Fauci still reveal tantalizing details of how the cover-up went down - who the actors were for a start. Luckily, deduction also allows you to conclude 'no evidence' - is evidence.

Ch 3 - Proximal Origin

The Covid Atrocity

In the story of the Covid Atrocity, there are two documents that fooled the world (with help from their friends): Proximal Origin of SARS-CoV-2 & The Lancet Statement


Covid Timeline - Towards Patient-Zero

Ch 2: Genomic Surveillance

The Covid Atrocity

Jeremy Farrar's/Wellcome's/ BGI Genomics's (China) role in the Genomics Revolution - brought to you by One Health.


The Covid Atrocity