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Before The State demonized me to death, i foot-soldiered until i was 48 - hailed as:  a war hero   

Tall, strong, courageous. Cool in pressure situations - known for my endurance

If that sounds sexy  - sorry to ruin it: i’m ugly as sin


Now that i find myself re-ensconced in civilized society, i still feel like an outsider

Of course, the horrors of war follow you home, but as a side-effect, they dissolved a lotta bs in my mind 

Left a residual ability to detect fake projecting.  An active interest in honing in on it

It’s this same inquisitiveness that provokes all the hostility  


In this hostile environment, my secret weapon is:  a Question

Aimed at:   shining a light on the truth.    One detail at a time … 

That’s why The State labelled me: an evil influence on the youth


I say The State, but the main-man stage-managing the case against me is a wealthy son of an industry mogul - which is the reason he was originally made general of a war fleet 

How did he handle himself? Well … 10 years ago, he was charged with treason - for: failing to fire a shot when everyone was relying on him to complete his mission

But here’s the real beauty of money - he got off - coz: he bribed the jury - literally the first human to ever do it.   A true visionary.  Living proof that being a politician is never having to feel contrition


Once the verdict was in,  i was given a chance to:    Beg  The Mercy of THE Court  

What punishment ought you get for your crimes, then, in your opinion?

I was meant to recant, say: exile.   Give everyone a way out

But to hell with that  … I replied: 

How ‘bout a Gov-paid stipend for:    the rest of my life …  ?

In appreciation of how well i’ve fought, for free, to uncover corruption at the core of:   The Establishment’s Group-Thought  mentality…


They didn’t go for that - as we know - though in a morbid way - the conspirators unwittingly fell into my trap …  

I’d successfully checkmated The State into:  (wrongly) killing me  

Suicide by principle, if you like

I  prophesize (correctly) at the trial that: Yeah, for a while it’ll feel great, when you finally get rid of me,  but taking an innocent man’s life away … coz … he questioned your reasoning?  

Despite all your public Messaging,  that shit’s destined to get ugly, real quickly, in the gaze of history


Death was:   a poisoned chalice   -  hemlock 

Concocted by the resident alchemist 

He was trying to administer it, but was nervous as fuck - finally i said - give it here -  i'll drink it myself

By so doing, i transcend death 

I guessed i might, that’s why i say with my last breath: i owe a cockerel to Asclepius*

don’t forget to pay it

From beyond the grave, I continue to play a pivotal role in the:   THE Golden Age of Philosophy

Schools of which will run fine for another: 900 years after my passing

Right up until the Dark Ages 

The End

Ans: Socrates