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Capital 'I'

Hi, my name is Dulan.   As you may know, i used to be a member of the cultural elite, an insider so to speak, but i’ve turned whistle-blower, started a human-rights movement against that system. If i could please get a minute of your time, i‘m hopeful   you   will join our fight against this existential threat to humanity … 

Our group’s goal, in a nutshell, is this: Decapitalize the word I 

Why should I be capitalized when all other personal pronouns are not conferred that honour?   You’re not, for example, you, small-u, are the little-people of letters, so is he, so is she.  Ignored, downgraded, de-influenced.  The Great Uncapitalized. The only other example in English of pronounal capitalization is capital H for He, as in the Judaism God.

Language matters - sexist, racist, culturalist, egoist - it’s weaponized by THE Influencers to entrench money-making schemes.    I know, coz i was a Capital I,  i’ve seen these Capitalists up close & personal - the inner sanctum.   Like any closed society with power, it’s a one-way-street to selfishness, corruption, depravity.

Either decapitalize I, now, or:  Capitalize all the pronouns: They, We, She, He, It, You 

Join our group, everything is up for discussion ...- it’s not like we’ve got this fixed way of thinking with a single leader - we’re against that … 

Now, you will never read about our movement in the mainstream media - they are huge Capital I's. But if we, the decapitalized, join together to break through that programmed way of thinking, woven into our everyday language, we can wrest humanity back from the Capitals before they gallop us off the edge of the cliff into their abyss.  

Imagine a world where consideration of others, including It, the planet, is as strong as it is of I  … ?

It's a journey, a long one, but it begins with a first step.  That step can start here tonight with You … 

Uhm, that’s it.  I'm Dulan, please ask me for a brochure afterwards if you’d like to know more … Thank you for your listening ... Decapitalize I !!!