Who am i?

I’m a divisive figure - though that’s not my intention 

Some people find me charismatic.  Others say odd.  Some’ll saysmart-arse prick

I live humbly   -   my trick is:  moderation in all things   -   including moderation*

I‘m possibly gay  -  but maybe not  -  i’m not homophobic, you can say that safely 

I’m famous for: changing the way people think 

By:  challenging foundations of faith 

Occasionally, i sink into extended states of meditation


Influential Society   -   loathes me  -  to:    the very roots of my soul 

Why?    Same ol reason for all overreach reachings:  Insecurity  

In this case:  Fear of Free Speech  (FoFS)

My goal was simple enough: shed light, in the dark. That's all.   

Not mark myself as a target for:   Cultural Vilification by The State

Which is:  my current predicament.   Profiled as:  a dangerous-nut   -   a threat to the public  - The Devil incarnate

Already quite dire … right?   but:  many of the onlookers have since joined the pile on as well

Next thing i know, i’m a celebrity criminal in a show-trial …

You can guess the rest  ….i’m found:  guilty 

Of being:  an Evil Influence on Society   

Sentenced to death

To keep us safe


UPDATE:  Can still avoid this fate  …  in my last days   …   

Some friends have got:  a doable escape plan … 

I respectfully thank them, but … I choose … :    not 

Not to be fuel in this silly Game of Fat Cat & Mouse they’ve got us playing

Limited by what the gatekeepers  allow us 

It’s a game we can can never win

It’s bullying  -  by:    THE System  

Fuck em


By so deciding, publicly,  i crack a portal to:  immortality … for:  normal people 

Make a stand for those who decline to submit to tyranny.  I die for:   humanity’s sake

In a morbid way - my captors, unwittingly, slide into my trap …  

I successfully checkmate The State into:  (wrongly) killing me  

Suicide by principle, if you like

Luckily, i’m blessed with  a group of gifted disciples, without whom:  none of this would have been possible

I was inspired on my journey to  Infinity  by:    a Voice of God

Lotta books written about me, but none by me 

I’m commonly associated with:     a Trinity



(field guesses)

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