Bioshield: Who scio-vouched it?

How boutcha science right-hand-man in all this cash-cowing? 

Cometh the hour - cometh the man - take a bow - Anthony S. Fauci 

Right-in-the-thick-of-it - pleading for BioShield before Congress - a leading advocate/recipient - Fauch the Pouch: siphoned billions from that very same fountain spouting public dollars in the name of fighting bioterrorism - it was the making of his NIAID kingdom.

As he said at the hearings in April 2003: 

The accelerated development of effective countermeasures against terrorism requires a new research paradigm. 

Really? I'm findin - with old-fashioned paradigm thinking - admittedly - reading between the lines - your new paradigm scheme of accelerated development...?  was a ticking time-bomb ........ that detonated - in 2019

Anthony: The events of September 11, and the subsequent anthrax attacks have changed, forever, how the biomedical community responds to emerging threats. 

You betcha! That's a radical shift in thinking though - forever - as you said.  Gotta ask the question - is that a good thing?

The Fouch: We are now on a wartime footing and are compelled to modify the way we do business

Hell! Our brave bio-warrior general from NIH - ready ta do: whatever it takes.

Btw, who's the drug-pumping-muscle in this bio-war-on-terror?

The Fouch: Biotech firms are our industrial partners - they are essential to countermeasure development.

So - to weigh it up - a surge of money into the likes of - Pfizer, Merk, Emergent Biosolutions - a big-pharma arms-race - run by Fauci to counter a non-existent enemy.

The Fouch: But they want some assurances if they are successful that there'll be a market for their product.

Guess they got it. Never mind that antibiotics work fine on Anthrax symptoms -  it was pure scio-politics - in-fact-in-the - US at the time - there was a rush on Cipro - today’s Ivermectin?  Guessin the health experts are gettin wiser - restrictin its availability - thinking of our best interests - to lessen bio-state hesitancy.  But i degrees ...

Pop question … who executed the Anthrax terrorist attack that ignited this funding-feeding-frenzy? 

Extra points: What was their reasoning?

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