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One small example: in 2004, Bush signed Project Bioshield into law - making a speech to mark the occasion:

Bush: Project Bioshield authorizes $5.6 billion .. on vaccines to fight anthrax .. and other potential agents of bioterror for the American population. 

That’s a seventh heaven copulation room - for vaccine-scientists at least.

Bush: Since September 11, we've increased .. funding for biodefense research at NIH by a factor of 30.

Mate, you little beauty. How bout the annoying safety regulations? It's still a bug in the system that kills innovation...

Bush: When I sign this bill, the Food and Drug Administration will be able to permit rapid distribution of promising new drugs in the most urgent circumstances.

Like Covid for instance? Man that's ominous. The murky emergency-use approval first enacted  to fast-track Covid vacs was invented by George W after Anthrax?

Bush:  I want to thank the Vice President for his hard work. He was the point man in the White House on this piece of legislation.

Congratulations Dick - i stand corrected. Going berserk on scio-bio-spending was a Cheney sponsored venture - that makes me feel much better ...